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All Hands In

Our Community

Our love for Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston, Maine is such a special place to be.

What makes Lewiston so special? It’s people.


Our community is made up of lifelong Mainers, New Mainers from all over the world, army vets, entrepreneurs, farmers, seamstresses, artists, and so many more brilliant and loving individuals.  We have been blessed to share moments with so many incredible people and learn from their remarkable stories.  Our community is beautifully diverse but every story seems to be laced with resiliency, loyalty, and love.  If you’re from Lewiston, you know.


In recent years, teenagers have been a large part of our lives.  Our Lewiston teens are AMAZING - intelligent, talented, and hilarious!  Through our involvement with a local community center, we have enjoyed sharing the wonder of the great outdoors - hiking, skiing, swimming, camping, sports, and more - with these teens!  Through our jobs, we are amazed to watch these young friends overcome challenges, learn new skills, take on first jobs, learn to drive, step into leadership roles, and the list goes on.  Lewiston’s young people are truly inspirational - and might I add, keep us young too.

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