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Cup of Coffee

The Crouse House Family

Meet the Crouses

Hello friends!  We are the Crouses, a husband and wife team who loves Jesus, community, and… coffee!  There is something about that delicious, warm beverage that can make a friend feel at home. 


Join us in our mission to be grounded in our community through sharing exceptional and freshly roasted coffee with a neighbor in Lewiston, Auburn, or beyond!

Vicky and Damon Crouse

The Crouse House Story

“Crouse House” was truly established long before our time.  Damon’s childhood home in Pennsylvania posts CROUSE HOUSE as a beloved family name.  Though born and raised in the Lancaster area of PA, Damon moved to Lewiston, Maine in 2015 to volunteer among the community.  He fell in love with the people and city of Lewiston and has lived here since.  Vicky joined Damon in Lewiston following their wedding in 2020.  Only months later, our coffee roasting adventure began with the purchase of a small microwave-sized roaster that we set up in the kitchen cove of our first home.  What was purchased on a curious whim turned into a love of roasting (and drinking) our own home, fresh, single-origin coffee.  Preferences for our own home roasted coffee stirred an enjoyment we wanted to share with others. 


At that time we were ordering our green, un-roasted coffee beans from Maine Coast Roast in Biddeford.  During one of our visits to Maine Coast Roast, Damon inquired about the beautiful blue, Diedrich IR5 roasting machine sitting in the corner of their cafe.  Learning it was for sale commenced a hopeful consideration and dreaming of our own Lewiston-centric roastery.  As months passed, Damon could not forget about the possibility and set out to purchase the roaster and begin pursuing his dream.  We successfully purchased the roaster of our dreams in 2021 and have worked towards the establishment of Crouse House Coffee Roasters since.


Our love for the Lewiston community has continued to deepen.  As our full-time jobs, Damon manages a variety of kid and adult programs at a local non-profit community center in the downtown.  Vicky spends her days as a public school teacher.  Out of this love for our neighbors and friends, we hope to share the enjoyable experience of drinking freshly roasted coffee from their local roaster.


From our home to yours,

The Crouses

Thank you to everyone who has
helped us get here!

 We would not have been able to open this roastery without the remarkably generous help of our friends and family.
Countless hours of logo design, construction, painting, roaster transportation, website building, and encouragement.
Words cannot fully capture our appreciation for you.

Thank you - we love you!

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